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On this page, we pack all the necessary services and tools for CPA and affiliate marketing. Some of them are mandatory and some are just options, but all tools will be very useful at some stage of your business. All proposed tools and services, we personally tried and we currently use them, and we will not ever suggest something that we did not check. Feel free to contact us if you need some help.

If you are interested in buying something from this page feel free to suggest some bonus that will do some help for you.

The first step is to find products to promote. We recommend PeerFly for starters - It is FREE!

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IMPORTANY NOTE:  Learn here how to be accepted into CPA networks.

Trainings And Courses You Can Choose From

sitesell SBI! SBI Site Sell Essentially, SBI! is a complete internet business building software service, aimed at beginners and experts alike. Ever evolving and improving, SiteSell's SBI! has been around since 2001... Meaning: SBI! helps you make money helping others - ethically, lovingly, and slowly. It provides all the action steps you need, via a proven-to-work Action Guide, and helps you discover your passion or expertise, and then show you how to best convert 'what you are interested in' into a website that will get (and engage with) visitors eager to make use of your knowledge and skills.

internet jetset There is no magic to affiliate marketing, you will not get rich overnight. The Internet Jetset System can help you in identifying and avoiding many rookie mistakes and pitfalls, generate traffic to your site, jump start advertising on Facebook and Google, and many more. John Crestani, creator of Internet Jetset System, is an internet marketer who has been featured on Forbes, Inc., Affiliate Summit, Yahoo Finance, and Home Business. The entire course consist of over 12 hours long of high quality recorded training, that prepares you to be a successful affiliate marketer. So, we strongly recommend you to reserve your seat for FREE live training.

Get Your FREE Live Training: "How to Build Your Own Online Business From Nothing..."

This is a Free service and no credit card is required. Upon signing up you will have your seat registered for a webinar held by John at the specified time.

cpa marketing The Complete Cheap CPA Marketing Course. Find success in a new industry using this totally effective secret strategy. Even if you're a complete beginner, this course will teach you how to use CPA (Cost Per Action) to create a business that makes money while you sleep. You'll be able to generate profits without having to sell any products, and you'll set up a legitimate online business quickly and easily. This course is very well organized and it is actionable and easy to follow and understand. You will be supprised how easy is to make money online if you choose right strategy. Recommended for CPA marketing.

Video Marketing Strategy And Tools

video traffic Video Traffic Blueprint! Did you know the single biggest reason why most videos don’t get traffic has absolutely nothing to do with the video itself…? That’s why you need The Ultimate Video Traffic Blueprint: 5 proven fill-in-the-blank video templates that reliably produce unstoppable traffic with video… Used by thousands of content creators and business owners these templates have produced millions of views, clicks, leads, and sales.

explaindio Content Samurai. Create Stunning Videos Fast! The first intelligent video creator that does all the hard work for you. Go from script to video in seconds. With the push of a button Content Samurai reviews your script, cuts it up into professional slide layouts and formats your text. The bones of your video are formed in seconds! Thoughtfully automated image suggestion. Content Samurai analyses your script and intelligently suggests the perfect images for your video from a library of over 112 million quality images. And much more ...

explaindio Explaindio 3.0 PRO. Introducing Explaindio Video Creator – Now Anyone, No Matter How Inexperienced, Can Now Create Attention-Grabbing, Professional-Quality Videos! Start Creating Videos with Animation, Whiteboard Sketch & HD Video With One Easy-to-Use Program! Easy to use – no experience required! Create videos for clients or your business! Command attention & send sales soaring! Cuts frustration & expense out of making high quality videos!


Tracking, Email Marketing And SEO research Tool For You

clickmeter ClickMeter is a complete and definitive tool that allows you to manage redirection, track events and monitor the status of all your external links (traffic sources). ClickMeter allows marketing agencies and professionals to create and manage more effective online campaigns. It allows you to understand which one of your marketing/media channels or ads are most effective and provide the most value. It is a web-based marketing tool. This service has FREE plan to track up to 100 tracking links and up to 1000 events every month.

fluttermail FlutterMail Email Marketing for small businesses. The fastest and easiest way to send beautiful emails and profit from the results. It's Made for Everyone. From web entrepreneurs to high street stores, gyms to non-profits, if you need to send emails we have you covered. Email Design is Easy. Our templates take the effort out of email design. You'll likely pay a lot less than with our competitors. We don't think large lists should be penalised. Growing Your Lists is Easy. Add a subscribe box on your website and get new subscribers joining 24/7. Send automatic emails to keep them interested. There's Nothing to Download. We're entirely web based. Everything is cloud-hosted on a fast and reliable network in the USA. You Can See Who's Reading. Within seconds after sending you can see who's opening your emails and clicking on your links. Very addictive to watch!

More tools and services that you can use for job

fiverr Fiverr Have any small jobs that you need done, or looking for a quirky gift to give someone? Fiverr offers thousands of jobs which fulfill whatever your needs are! Try Fiverr Today!

traffic travis Traffic Travis is a solid, yet basic, SEO analysis tool. It is a good choice for small businesses or bloggers beginning to optimize their website and increase page rankings. Traffic Travis is an online SEO tool that provides a basic SEO toolkit for managing your website's search engine optimization. It has strength in analysis and reporting, but is not as strong in some other SEO areas. Traffic Travis links with Google AdWords to bring you keyword information directly from Google.

popup monkey PopUp Monkey can help you increase sales conversions! Get The Best Lightbox Pop-Up System Available Online Today!.. Don't Monkey Around With PopUps That Take Ages To Install, Break Under Pressure Or Simply Don't Work When You Need Them Too...Nothing To Install! Works Everywhere! Video Based PopUps! Graphic Based PopUps! SWF Flash PopUps! Timer Based Options!

namecheap NameCheap Create your pro web presence in no time. Choose Your Name! You’ll need a domain name if you don’t have one already. Search for the one you want and purchase it at the click of a button, or transfer your domain to us. Namecheap is rated 4.6 out of 5 based on 654252 real customer ratings and reviews at Shopper Approved.

wpengine WP Engine If you would like to start serious affiliate marketing business you will need website and that means you will need hosting. Wp engine is the world's most powerful managed WordPress hosting! Leading in premium managed WordPress hosting Serving over 2 billion high-performance page views each day.
WP Engine provides best-in-class customer service on top of innovation-driven technology. This is why over 50,000 customers in 120 countries have chosen us for their mission critical WordPress hosting needs.

cyberchimps CyberChimps The goal of is to help individual and small businesses design beautiful, custom websites that will provide your company with a way to effectively market to and draw in online based customers. They do this by providing people with access to a large selection of WordPress themes that have been designed to incorporate user friendly tools that will make interacting with your website as simple as just pointing and clicking. According to CyberChimps, visitors to your website are 67% more likely to purchase a product or service on a website that is mobile friendly. Because of this, they promise that all WordPress themes and website designs that you purchase from them will be completely mobile compatible and accessible.

affilorama affiloblueprint Affiloblueprint is basically a collection of hundreds and hundreds of videos, which will be covering a wide range of topics ranging from building a website, writing content and ranking it as well. This course will be showing you exactly how Mark Ling built his own affiliate website completely from scratch and you can also follow all those guidelines in the videos and can create your own website as well. Moreover, to add up the value, each video lesson will also have some homework which has to be done by you. To be honest, the videos are excellent, quite easy to understand and to follow as wel. Recommended for affiliate marketing.

easy money EasyMoney PPC Course Attention frustrated marketers who have been misled and misguided on making real money online. If you’ve ever considered giving up on internet marketing, it’s finally time you discover… How to rake-in serious income off little PPC ads that can make you rich from home! New secretive easy PPC money 2.0 System reveals a lucrative PPC ad formula that cranks-out profits like clockwork… Now It’s YOUR turn to make money! Basically this is PPC course and you will learn how to efficienly send targeted visitors to your web property and how to monetize that. Recommended for CPA marketing.

web copy cat The #1 Easiest Way To Make Money Online… Start For Just $1 & We’ll Do All The Work!

(Activate Your System As Soon As Possible)


eCommerce zero up Starting an ecommerce business is hard work with many steps and decisions that need to come together at the right time. To help, we've found Zero Up. That is complete training and specific software fully Integrated with AliExpress and Shopify. Zero Up™ can automatically help you add hundreds of products to your store, fulfill and track orders, notify your and much much more... Zero Up™ is a powerful and comprehensive all-in-one e-commerce training and software to help you build, grow, and scale your business online. Zero Up™ makes it easy to start your own online successful business.

Register for FREE Workshop: "How To Build, Launch And Grow A Profitable Online Store?"

This is a Free service and no credit card is required. Upon signing up you will have your seat registered for a webinar held by Fred at the specified time.

Send traffic to your money machine

When you complete online money machine only thing you can do is to send a lot of targeted visitors to you web pages that means to your online money making machine and count money coming into your pocket. We recommend Bing ads and RTX platform. Signup is FREE but when you join Bing ads you can find on the net coupon and receive $50 bonus for starting advertising. For RTX you need $500 deposiit and you will use that money for advertising. If you spend $500 in first month on RTX you will get $50 bonus for advertising. RTX platform have very good and cheap traffic.

bing ads    rtx platform

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