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Q: Can I make money from affiliate marketing?

O yes, you can! It is the best way to start a business from home. It is very easy to start with very little or no investments at all. But to be honest it can be tricky to make a success. The most important about affiliate marketing, in my opinion, is to choose right source for learning and your strategy.

Q: How do I make money with affiliate marketing?

I recommend you to follow next steps:

1. Find some profitable market that you are interested in.
2. Find products to promote according to selected market.
3. Create some useful content for potential users (pdf book, video, description, guide …)
4. Offer free resource from point 3 in exchange for visitors email address. Create some kind of squeeze web page for that purpose.
5. Use autoresponder to collect email addresses and to send on autopilot messages with your affiliate links to your subscribers.

Affiliate Marketing:

1. What is the meaning of traffic in affiliate marketing?

2. As a relatively new marketing professional in the digital marketing world, how do I gain and/or improve my marketing skills?

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