VIDEO Is By Far The Best Way To Promote Your Business And Products!

You can hire us to create video for you or choose right tools and do it yourself!
You can create videos for your business or for someone else's business!

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  NOTE: We are not only recommending tools below - we are really using these tools. Contact us and order videos for your business and see recommended tools in action!

According to a report from Cisco, by 2020. over 82% of all web traffic will come from video. Not only that but, you can place your video on all your social profiles and re-purpose it however you want. You can place it on your website, embed it on your blog post, post and share it on your facebook, upload it to your youtube account and build a youtube channel or add a small teaser snippet clip to your Instagram to gain intrigue and bring traffic to your website or other social profiles to watch the full video. It’s been proven that using video drives better results, and helps you to gain more social attraction to your product, service and business.

Maybe you think: It’s probably a combination of dedicated writers, video editors, professional software and lots of time and money.

But fortunately: It is not so difficult and expensive if you choose the right tool and strategy!

First about strategy!

cheat sheet The Ultimate SEO YouTube Cheat Sheet. Did You Know… Over 70% of ALL web traffic now comes from video:
• Videos posted in Facebook are shared TWICE as often as written or image based content
• And YouTube now reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than ANY cable network and it's accelerating fast...
In fact, the search engines are already favouring video in their search results even if it’s newer and has less authority than the equivalent content in written form.

Get The Ultimate SEO YouTube Cheat Sheet NOW - It is FREE!

video traffic Video Traffic Blueprint! Did you know the single biggest reason why most videos don’t get traffic has absolutely nothing to do with the video itself…? That’s why you need The Ultimate Video Traffic Blueprint: 5 proven fill-in-the-blank video templates that reliably produce unstoppable traffic with video… Used by thousands of content creators and business owners these templates have produced millions of views, clicks, leads, and sales.

There are two kinds of videos that could work really well with your business:

1. Text and sales copy based video
2. Whiteboard explainer / doodle video

Text and sales copy based tool

content samurai Content Samurai (CS)! Create Stunning Videos Fast! The first intelligent video creator that does all the hard work for you. Go from script to video in seconds. With the push of a button Content Samurai reviews your script, cuts it up into professional slide layouts and formats your text. The bones of your video are formed in seconds! Thoughtfully automated image suggestion. Content Samurai analyses your script and intelligently suggests the perfect images for your video from a library of over 112 million quality images. And much more ...

Whiteboard explainer / doodle video #1 tool

doodly Doodly! The World's Most Powerful, Yet Simple-To-Use Doodle Video Creator Create Whiteboard, Blackboard, or the all-new Glassboard videos in seconds! Just Some Of The Awesome Things That Make Doodly The Most Widely Used Doodle Video Software On The Planet... Summary: Doodly is a program for creating whiteboard videos through a drag-and-drop interface. The final product appears to be filmed as if someone had drawn the whole thing by hand. Some people refer to this as an "explainer" video, as they're frequently used to produce videos on products, education topics, or for business training.

Whiteboard explainer / doodle video #2 tool

explaindio Explaindio 3.0 PRO. Introducing Explaindio Video Creator – Now Anyone, No Matter How Inexperienced, Can Now Create Attention-Grabbing, Professional-Quality Videos! Start Creating Videos with Animation, Whiteboard Sketch & HD Video With One Easy-to-Use Program! Easy to use – no experience required! Create videos for clients or your business! Command attention & send sales soaring! Cuts frustration & expense out of making high quality videos!


Need more options?

Hire video creator for your business on FIVERR!

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