Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

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Do you need hand to hold you in the beginning?

  • I can help you with proven affiliate marketing Step by Step blueprint.
  • Not only that. If you decide to use tools that I will recommend you I will personally setup your online money making machine completely for FREE.
  • I will recommend you only proven tools and services that I'm using for my online business. I think it's fair! 
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Hi, I'm Ivica. If you would like to work from home, but do not know where to start, contact me and tell me your story.  Feel free to contact me. I'm here to help.

The 3 Steps to Success as an Affiliate:

  • #1: Find products and niches that are going to perform well:

    Everyone can promote something. Do not over-complicate this decision. 

    Here is my help: Download here list with 35 evergreen profitable niche

  • #2: Build a simple 3 page website (lander, ty page, download page):

    Feel free to visit my real case studies below to see how it works in reality. If yo decide to use my recommendation I will create and setup all website for your for FREE. Here is my help: Tell me your story here and I will reply back with more info about this offer.

  • #3: Drive targeted traffic to your landing page (use video for traffic):
    People love video, and if you learn (it is not too hard today) how to create marketing videos to promote your website landing page, you can get targeted visitors interested in your topic, and someone will buy, and you will get money for that. Yes, it is simple like that. 
    Here is my help: Visit this link to learn more about creating marketing videos.

Visit My Real 3 Page Websites Case Studies:

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Case Study #1 Affiliate Marketing Blueprint

Case Study #2 Dating Tips for Women

Case Study #3 Self Help - The Neat Mind

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