about meHi, my name is Ivica and I’m independent a full-time video producer and digital marketer located in Serbia, East Europe. I have years of experience in digital marketing and video production and my mission is to help people like you in this complicated online world. You can always contact me for advice and support for your online journey. No matter who you are and how you are experienced right now, it is always possible to make things better and improve your internet presence. Tell me your story. We are all on the Internet now, right?

So, why should you trust and hire me?

1. I’m a real person and will respond to every request and I care about your success.
2. I will always give you value in advance to convince you of my service quality.
3. My BONUS program is tailored to your specific needs and you can choose the best option for you.

What can you expect from me?

1. I can create a video for your specific needs on your demand.
2. I can help you to choose the right tool to create videos on your own and make you become proud of your work.
3. Read my BONUS program to learn more about my special offers for you.

My specialties:

1. I can turn every promo text, blog-post, article or every text you imagine into an effective traffic pumping, shareable video that will work for you 24/7.
2. I can create a short, fast and effective video for you. No matter who you are. You need videos these days. You can own a small shop on the corner or big business or you are just a person who would like to improve your social profile.

Where can you find me and how do I operate?

Currently, you can visit my FIVERR account, find me under the user name ivica1966 and browse my available services. Also, you can contact me for direct cooperation.

Click here join to FIVERR and ask me for just a symbolic $5 DEMO video! *(my user name on FIVERR is ivica1966)