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Recommended Guide #1:

Your family is in imminent danger and you don't even know it... The gov't is arming up for a massive war scheduled to take place on US soil. These unprecedented events haven't been seen since WWII and it's going on right under all our noses. If you're not ready you're family has very little chance of surviving the coming storm. Luckily there is one concerned Patriot who's taking action and is willing to help you right now. You will not find this information anywhere else. The powers that be are taking drastic measures to keep this under wraps. But, if you're quick to action you may still have time… Your family deserves to be protected, it's up to you to make it happen.

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family survival

Recommended Guide #2:

When talks about prepping, D-day, and fast spreading epidemics start to creep into our everyday lives like never before, I cannot help but wondering how much time do we have left until our worst nightmare comes true. From the preparations our government is making to the rapidly changing news headlines, it all points to out to the break-out of a new world crisis. I’m not ashamed to say it: it makes me boil with rage when I see how many people are kept in the dark by our corrupt media and our ferociously selfish government, because I know these are the people who will be left with no help at all when all hell breaks loose. If you look around close enough, you’ll easily see there are lots of people who try to find their way into a fully prepared against all crises world, but truth is – as rewarding as it can be, finding the right path is twice as hard… and the road to preparedness has its deadly traps, just like anything else on this planet.

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family survival plans

Recommended Guide #3:

It's official! The federal government is preparing for an epic disaster of "unimaginable proportions". I've just stumbled upon a leaked video that reveals exactly what the USA government is doing to prepare for this unprecendented event. I encourage you to drop everything you're doing and watch this video: The contents of this video are nothing short of alarming. As a matter-a-fact, it nearly scared the daylights out of me when I first watched it. The good news is there's still time to do something about this...but only those who watch this video will be prepared to make it through to the other side. Don't procrastinate. Watch this free video presentation now...

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expert prepper

Recommended Guide #4:

With so much uncertainty in the world – political unrest – and potential chaos always around the corner – it just makes sense to be prepared. There is an enormous sense of security knowing that you have things covered. Even if the thin veneer of “order” collapses around you – you have a store of food and clean water PLUS a system to ensure an ongoing supply for your family. Even if you run out of money or it becomes worthless – you have a way to generate “new wealth” in whatever form is found acceptable for trade during the aftermath of a crisis. And you are prepared and know how to defend your family from potentially desperate people seeking to take what you have. Wouldn’t you like to have this type of peace-of-mind? Discover a simple step-by-step method for being prepared. Because when it’s all said and done, the truth is … No one cares about you … or your family.

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krav maga

Recommended Guide #5:

Krav Maga In No Time is a krav maga video course that teaches directly from its Israeli source the secrets of the self defense program that is so unique to Istaeli mlitary forces.

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fight academy

Recommended Guide #6:

Street combat is a dangerous and unique type of fight that has the potential to do serious damage to those involved. Unlike sport fighting and MMA, there are no referees to end the fight, and no rules to protect the fighters. Anything goes in a street fight. For this reason, street fighting is actually not at all similar to cage fighting or other forms of martial arts. You will rarely see organized or technically correct fights in real life. Most times, it comes down to who has more street combat experience, rather than who is the better martial artist.

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ultimate athleticism

Recommended Guide #7:

It's that holiday time and most of us are hitting the eggnog and the desserts harder than usual. It's no coincidence that most people have New Year’s resolutions right around the corner. I'm not afraid to indulge this time of year either. My good friend Max has put together a program with a massive 200 page book and companion videos to help anyone at any fitness level achieve a truly special level of health and athleticism, safely. The real beauty lies in the fact that it is just plain FUN. Most people who make New Year’s resolutions fall off the wagon with their workout plans in the first 2 months. The main reason is that it is just boring. The fun factor is completely missing and it's destroying their potential. Max has done a great job putting together something that is fun, safe, and sustainable to take your fitness and health to levels only dreamt of by some.

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