What's inside these DATING TIPS 4 WOMEN FREE books?

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BOOK1 How to Get a Boyfriend - Seven Steps to Finding and Keeping a Man
  • The reason you aren't getting any dates from potential boyfriends
  • How to figure out exactly what you want from a man
  • Become your extraordinary self to attract men like you never would have thought possible
  • Why men don't commit - and how to become the exception to this rule
  • How to pick up a stranger with ease
  • Evaluating a man so you never get another dud boyfriend again
BOOK2 How to Get a Man to Love You - The Incredible 7 Step Guide
  • The 7 things you need to do to make him fall in love
  • Why love scares men and how you can make him more comfortable being in a relationship
  • Exactly how to transition from girlfriend to fiance (without scaring him away)
  • How to speak his language so that he REALLY listens and understands you
  • Win over his friends and family - the key to his adoration
BOOK3 77 Why Men Lose Interest and How to Be the ONLY Woman Who Truly "Gets" Him
  • The sordid truth about the male psyche and what it means for his interest levels
  • The covert way to find out what really turns him on
  • The phases of a relationship and how these relate to interest levels
  • How to be the only woman who REALLY gets him
  • How to maintain interest forever and make him want to be with you
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