What's inside these MAKE MONEY FREE books?

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BOOK 1 How to Make Super Affiliate Commissions
  • Why 99% of the world's affiliate marketers just don't get it and how you can change your mind set to match the super affiliates drawing six figure incomes or higher.
  • Two simple yet highly effective ways to find a niche, build a website, and generate profit with minimal or no risk.
  • Why keyword research will either make or break your new career as an affiliate marketer and how you can jump to the front of your niche if you do it right.
  • Exactly what your prospects want to receive in their email inboxes every week and how you can drive ever higher conversion rates if you play the game just right.
  • How CPA marketing can land you huge commissions for simple actions and why most of your competitors either don't know about it or don't use it.
BOOK 2 How to Make Money as an Online Freelancer
  • Why the online freelancing industry is growing at unprecedented speed, supplanting dozens of industries as top entry level positions.
  • How some freelancers are able to make six figure incomes from the comfort of their home and why your education has nothing to do with your future success.
  • The biggest mistake you are making when posting bids on Upwork or Guru and how, if you fix them, you'll jump to the top 10% of all bidders.
  • How to create a business structure that will guarantee a steady, recurring income that can actually be more secure than a desk job.
  • How to generate a system in which you can manage multiple projects, find new clients and relax whenever you feel like it in the comfort of your home office.
BOOK 3 77 Secrets to Writing Winning Sales Copy that SELLS
  • Why what you think about copywriting just doesn't work anymore, but can be fixed with a few simple tweaks.
  • How to generate headlines that not only attract attention, but compel it to any target you want.
  • The single biggest mistake you're making right now in how you address your readers and how a little bit of rapport can solve everything.
  • How to become the world's foremost (or at least your niche's foremost) expert on any topic with a few simple phrases.
  • The three things every successful copywriter uses to push prospects just a little bit closer to the sale and how to integrate them into your copy.
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