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When it comes to gardening and growing your own food, few technologies have a stronger potential impact on self sustainability and healthy living than aquaponics. In a world stricken with poverty, this technology, if implemented correctly, could help shift the masses from dependency to self-reliance which could affect us all on a global scale by ending world hunger. The reason is because through this method of food production there is no easier way to become completely self-sufficient while eating healthy, organically grown fruits and vegetables. It may seem complicated or overwhelming but it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Once your system is up and running, all it takes is a little "aquarium" maintenance to keep it going for the season or for years and years if you like.


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Recommended Guide #1:

Many people are already preparing for the inevitable crisis which is upon us... Some are spending thousands on supplies and equipment, other even sit for expensive survival training courses. But the sad news is that they are just wasting their money and lowering their chance of survival. When food is scarce, whoever has food will become a target. Armed people will come after you to take the food from you. And unless you can defend yourself against an armed mob, then you can't do much. The Solution is called Aquaponics. Crisis No Problem™ is a digital program (Including Video Instructions) that shows you how to build your very own Aquaponic System at home. This is the complete solution that you can provide to the increasing number of people looking for growing their own natural vegetables in their backyard or garden as well as those in the survival niche. This because aquaponics is the best way to generate food during a crisis.

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Recommended Guide #2:

Absolutely everything you need to know to grow healthy, fresh organic food, without all the problems. Finally, a method of growing food that is reliable (and I mean bomb proof). It also produces an abundance of food and is easy to understand. This package includes a fully illustrated step by step manual PLUS AudioBook version and over 60 minutes of video. This method is based on ecology, and not horticulture. You see, the problem with horticulture is that it is problem-focused. Have you noticed that gardening books are filled with ways to fix problems? People seem to love creating problems where problems don't need to exist. Well, it doesn't have to be that way! In my experience, the study of natural ecosystems reveals everything we need to know about growing food. After all, Mother Nature has been doing it this way for millions of years.

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Recommended Guide #3:

Over 90% of people are not prepared for the expected food crisis. After a crisis, there are some very important items that vanish from supermarket shelves. You don’t want to be one of those that get left empty handed, with nothing to feed yourself or your family. Education is the best way to avoid being caught in a situation where you put yourself at risk … and that’s why you need to prepare for the inevitable food crisis that’s about to hit the U.S. Honestly, I hope you'll never need to be ready for a crisis. But unfortunately, the way this country is going right now it looks like we could be hit by another economic disaster before we blink... Not only that, the number of natural disasters is on a steep rise...

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